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System & Online Solutions

System & Online Solutions

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Every hotel operator must be informed about the dynamically changing business environment that dictates one be introduced to the fundamental theories and concepts that effect competition today.

Our services will provide hotel owners with a fundamentally new view of the world which will forever affect the way they plan and set direction for their hotel.

Strategies include among others Network Economics and how the Internet and other technologies are revolutionizing the way the hotel business is conducted; Data Economics which will explain how the continued improvement of computer performance and value is changing the way hotels look at the value of the data they create and the strategic potential of this growing asset; Information Systems Strategy which will review the fundamentals of a hotel's business strategy and focus on the growing role that information and communications technologies are having on strategic thinking; Online Distribution strategies, which will shed a light on ever changing trends and opportunities for attracting new and untapped revenue streams; Social Media Strategy, which will outline the possibilities to generate new revenue channels and streams by the use of mobile and online social media for the hotel or resort.


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