Taking the work and hassle out of your day

Investing in a new country in the hospitality sector is always a difficult undertaking.

Now imagine you are trying to enter a whole new continent with different laws, customs, expectations, government setups, and a completely different workforce.

HCA consultants will help you to enter this large Asian market with ease and on the right foot, directly from the start.

Instead of hiring an interpreter and traveling back and forth many times, just confer directly with a dedicated HCA consultant in your mother language of English or German with native consultants from Germany or the United States. Profit and use our local knowledge, experience and local language specialists as well as our extensive business connections and setups in many Asian countries, especially South East Asia.

May it be a brand new development for your Hospitality project in Asia, a purchase or takeover of an existing asset or the investment into existing projects, HCA consultants will guide you in the right direction, securing your investment in the process right from the start.

KPMG and PwC and the other multi-national Accounting firms have exceptional networks for financial and investment services in Asia, yet they all lack the very specific knowledge and experience of the Hospitality Industry, this is where HCA consultants come in, we are specializing in just ONE area of excellence | Hospitality.


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