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Financial Planning & Projections

Financial Planning & Projections

Financial Planning & Projections

Feasibility Studies & Market Analysis

HCA feasibility studies evaluate the economic feasibility or the suitability of a location or market for a project. The HCA feasibility study is an internationally acknowledged product and accepted by banks, financial institutions, investors and hotel groups.

For any project undertaking in the Hospitality sector, we highly suggest to start with a feasibility study in order to have a decision basis for the development, financing or operation of a hotel, resort, hostel, serviced apartment, restaurant, bar etc.

We have developed a standard Feasibility Study Outline for Hospitality projects which can be adjusted based on the individual requirements of each particular project, however our standard outline is accepted by financial institutions worldwide.

In comparison to some of the industry heavyweights, who solely rely on Financial Feasibility Studies for their business, we believe that a feasibility study should not break the bank, just to find out if a project has potential financial success. We therefore decided to give our feasibility studies a fixed price per project, no matter how big or small the project may be.


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