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Restaurant Consulting

Restaurant Consulting

Restaurant Consulting

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The establishment of an independent restaurant is many people's dream, however many times thereafter reality sets in and they realize how complex and competitive the Restaurant business is.

May it be wrong planning, no experience, no acceptance of the concept within the market or any of many other reasons for a restaurant to get into trouble. HCA has highly experienced Consultants who can help you plan, develop and operate the profitable restaurant in the right location, or maybe even tell you that the concept in this location will not work - before you lose your life savings.

You may as well choose to Franchise 4 unique, profitable and market-ready concepts from our sister company Eclipse Restaurants and HCA will guide you all the way from finding the right location, planning the layout and kitchen and training your staff and bringing in the customers for your restaurant to make it profitable.


Unique Market Ready Concepts | Development of brand new concepts | Optimize existing Restaurant Operations